African Visa Solutions

africa visaAfrica is often referred to as the last continent to conquer by businesses. In many cases, however, the obstacles of obtaining work visas can simply seem overwhelming.

Intergate Africa was born from a coming together of expertise and a passion for making the business of doing business in Africa smoother, more efficient and cost effective.

Who is Intergate Africa?

Intergate Africa is the preferred supplier of visa services for a number of the leading companies in fields as diverse as oil and gas, telecommunications, mining and renewable energy.

 How we work

No one ever said business was easy in Africa. It has its fair share of red tape, idiosyncrasies and, to be blunt, challenges.

The successful formula means:

  • Having a comprehensive, tried and trusted network of partners with coverage extending to even the remotest
    parts of Africa.
  • Being able to obtain visas quickly and efficiently with a transparent process.

african visa and human resource solutionsOur Process

At Intergate Africa we understand the pivotal role we play in your businesses success in Africa. We make sure we understand your business with a comprehensive fact-finding process to determine your needs, what you’re trying to achieve and the pressures you are under.

The result of this is always a formal proposal outlining clearly everything you need to know. We tell you the costs, the time frames and advise on structures. We believe in transparency and importantly that we are there to provide you with the answers – not to add to your questions.

Next steps

Whether you are looking at a new venture, seeking a more cost-effective way to run your existing operations or simply fed up with your existing processes, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

One of our African team members will be in touch to arrange your free consultation and show you why so many companies are now turning to Intergate Africa for all their African visa needs.