African Work Visa Solutions

Intergate AMG offer comprehensive African Work Visa Solutions

Africa has no set standards or processes for obtaining a work visa and as such African work visa solutions can seem quite daunting.

The reality is, you as the employer want your team in country, you want them there quick, and you want them there legally. Our African work visa solutions aim to do just this.

A work visa is obviously the main aim but it is often just part of a more complex puzzle:

  • Are you legally allowed to employ staff in the African country you wish to?
  • Do you have the required contracts and licenses in place?
  • Are the employees on rotation, permanent or set contract?

The list can go on and unless fulfilled, the work visa becomes near impossible to obtain.

Our African Work Visa Solution

Intergate Africa understand the pressures of business and the speed in which you need your teams on the ground.

African Work Visa Solutions

That’s why we have developed a complete African work visa solution so you know that your visa needs are getting the urgent attention they need.

We take a holistic approach that starts with us completing a comprehensive fact-finding consultation to understand what you need to achieve and by when you need to achieve it, and to determine the most cost-effective solutions.

What makes our African Work Visa Solution unique?

  • African work visas often require a multi step approach, be it a business visa, short term stay or longer term work visa.
  • Some applications can be done outside of the country and some must be done within.

There is no doubt one of the most important aspects of the visa process is having the internal knowledge as well as having the professional partner network throughout Africa that is able to liaise with the various authorities for the obtaining of the work visa and associated requirements.

Our in-house team know Africa. The team have traveled to these countries, dealt with their requirements and built up a partner network that is second to none.

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Whether you are frustrated with your current work visa process, or want to establish a new operation in Africa, contact Intergate Africa and discover how our visa process can assist with the obtaining of work visas and other requirements.