Ghana Work Permit and Business Visa

ghana work permitDo you need advice on and assistance with a Ghana work permit or business visa? Intergate Africa are here to help you identify the appropriate type of permit or visa for Ghana along with the submission and securing process.

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Work permits

There are two options when sending employees to work in Ghana:

Option A: For urgent missions:

Start with application for an Entry Business Visa, with applications for the Work and Residence Permits done immediately upon arrival in Ghana.

Option B: For non-urgent missions:

Start the application process for the Work Permit and acquire it for the applicant prior to their departure, then apply for the Residence Permit upon arrival in Ghana.

Please note: Applicants are required to have a yellow fever vaccination to travel to Ghana, done at least 10 days prior to departure. Ghana will not issue any visa without it.

Business visas

A Ghanaian business visa authorises the holder to:

  • Engage in business meetings;
  • Conduct feasibility studies; and
  • Attend conferences and similar events.

The visa holder is not allowed to work. In urgent situations it may be permitted to repair machinery on a business visa.

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*Please note that whilst we make every effort to keep this information up to date, the regulations and requirements for Ghana are subject to change with little notice. It is essential to contact us prior to making decisions or taking action to ensure you have the correct information.