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Please note the following about Ugandan work visas

All foreign nationals who are seeking to work in Uganda must have the relevant work visa. There are different classes and categories of work visas, as listed below:

Class A Work Visa – Government and Diplomatic Service

  • For applicants contracted by the Government of Uganda; or
  • Diplomats appointed for service in Uganda.

Class A2 Work Visa – Government Contractors

  • For applicants who have been appointed on government contracts, including persons serving in Government tertiary institutions.

Class B Work Visa – Investment in Agriculture

  • For applicants who are investing in the agricultural industry.

Class C Work Visa – Mining

  • For applicants intending to invest in the prospecting of minerals or mining in Uganda.

Class D Work Visa – Business and Trade

  • For applicants who intend to conduct business or trade in Uganda.

Class E Work Visa – Manufacturers

  • For applicants who intend establishing and investing in a manufacturing business in Uganda.

Class F Work Visa – Professionals

  • For applicants who are members of prescribed professionals, who will practice such professions in Uganda.

Class G1 Work Visa – Volunteers, NGO Workers, Missionaries

  • For applicants who intend to carry out work as a volunteer, NGO worker or missionary.

Class G2 Work Visa – Employees

For applicants intending to work in Uganda as employees. Please note: This is whether the employment is for financial gain or not.

Employment of EAC Nationals under the EAC (East African Community)

There are certain categories of workers who are allowed to obtain work vsias for Uganda within the protocal of the EAC Common Market. These categories include:

  • Chairman of a company.
  • Civil engineers.
  • Aircraft and ship controllers and technicians.

Visa applications must still be made under one of the work visa categories. Further to this:

  • Should the applicant have a work contract of 90 days or more, the visa application must be made within 15 days of the date of having concluded the contract of employment.
  • Where the work contract is not for a period of more than 90 days, a special pass must be sough. A special pass is also provide to EAC nationals pending the approval of their work visa.

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*Please note that whilst we make every effort to keep the information on Uganda work visas up to date, the work visa regulations and requirements for Uganda are subject to change with little notice. It is essential to contact us prior to making decisions or taking action to ensure you have the correct information.